Strain Gauge
A Strain Sensor (Bridge Type) is used to measure the weight of the given load
The Supply Voltage for the Universal Strain Gauge is 5V DC.
Input Load for the strain gauge is 0-500 gm
The output Voltage for the Universal Strain Gauge is 0-5V
The measurement of physical parameters like load, linear dimensions and vibration quantities such as acceleration, velocity of frequency etc can be measured using Strain Gauge.
  Hall Effect
The Sensor used in this Trainer Kit is Hall Effect Transducers Sensor
A Rheostat is used as a Load to vary the different levels of current
A Volt meter and an Ammeter are used to display the regulated voltage
From the RPS
The Output of the Load Current is displayed in Ammeter , the  load
Current ranges from 0-72 Amps
The Output of the Sensor Voltage is displayed at Volt meter, the sensor
Voltage is 5.96V at 0Amps, and gradually increases at rate of 0.3V for every 1Amps.
  Capacitance Transducer
The Sensor type used in the Capacitance Measurement Trainer is Parallel Plate Capacitance.
The Sensor material used in this Trainer is Aluminum plates
Because these plates transfer maximum amount of capacitance in means of energy.
The Dielectric Medium of this trainer kit is “Air”
A 3.5 digit LED Display is used to view the output, it reads about +/- 1999 counts
For +/- 200 mv FSD
The Supply power of capacitance is 230V at 50Hz.
  Load Cell
The unit used in Load Cell Trainer Kit is “Bonded Strain Gauge Type”.
The Capacity of the Load Cell is about 10kg, the maximum capacity is up to 200% of the rated capacity.
It can withstand the Temperature from 10 deg. C to 50 deg. C
The Terminal Resistance is 350 Ohms
The Input is based on the Strain gauge transducers, and has one input
A 3.5 digit, 7 segments RED LED Display is used to view the output
Flow Control Valves
Pressure Control Valves
Temperature Sensor
2 no’s of I/P and FRL
Control Unit
The Range of Flow of Water is 50-600 LPH
The range of Pressure lies between 0-4 Kg
The Range of Temperature is up to 100c
  Piezo electric
A Piezo Electric Transducers is used to calculate the amount of Vibrations
acted per second on the Sensor
The input impedance for the Piezo Electric is about 6000 M Ohms.
The maximum input signal is 800 pc
Frequency ranges from 10-3000, and the maximum dynamic force is 1Kg
The two sensor terminals are used to connect the Piezo Sensors
A 3.5 digit, 7 segment LED Display is used to view the Output
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