Basic Hydraulic Trainer outlines the basic Principle of Hydraulic Control System, Hydraulic Control System Components & its applications using actuators. It elaborates different typs of Hydraulic Circuits such as Meter-in Circuit, Meter-out Circuit, Bleed-off Circuit, Transverse and Feed Circuit etc.
  Product Features
Compact Ergonomic Design
User Friendly, Self Explanatory Systems
Leak proof Safety Measures, sturdy piping & Robust Construction
Training Manuals mimic Charts for Operation Ease
System Frame with Caster Wheel Arrangement for ease in movement
M.S. powder coated cubical plant with standard Instrument Mountings
Inbuilt Safety Measures to avoid improper usage
liquid leval measurement trainer
Level measurement setup is designed to demonstrate principles of liquid level measurement a) by air purge method and b) by use of differential pressure transmitter. The set up consists of Air pump, air purge tube, manometer, transparent process tank marked with graduated scale, supply tank, pump for water circulation, differential pressure transmitter (DPT) and level indicator.
The process tank is and provided with drain valve. The level in the tank is displayed on digital indicator. The DPT is powered by the digital indicator and provision is made to tap and measure the loop current. The units are fitted on support housing designed for tabletop mounting.
Electro Pneumatic
This Trainer has a PLC controller
This PLC has 8 input, with 4 Analog inputs and 8 output
The programming  is done through Ladder Language
The kit has both  single and double acting cylinders which is controlled by solenoids  operated by control  valves
The FRL Unit is used to regulate the supply pressure
All the Pneumatic components are from Pneumatic  make
This PLC has an facility to communicate with computer through which the Program are fetched and worked
Universal Process Control Trainer
Universal Process Control Trainer Code resembles a typical small industrial process plant with different processes and parameters. The plant is controlled using DCS control (Hybrid controller) with SCADA software for supervisory control systems. A jack plug and socket patch board provided at the interface of the process facilitates configuration of different experiments and allows user to develop and test own control strategies. The patch board also allows direct access to transmitters and control elements enabling user to connect external controllers, PLCs & DCSs. The product layout is designed to educate, train and develop the user to cover various aspects of process control. User can configure the product from study of basic components to advanced study of complex process control loops using advanced DCS control.
More than 25 different experimental configurations are incorporated to support the study. The product allows user to experience the feel of physical use of industrial components and processes, routing the flow for intended configuration and observing the process controllability.

The set up is connected to computer through USB port for monitoring and control by using PID logics.
Product is supplied with 64tag demo version of SCADA software package.

DATA logging system
Flow Control Valves
Pressure Control Valves
Temperature Sensor
2 no’s of I/P and FRL
Control Unit
The Range of Flow of Water is 50-600 LPH
The range of Pressure lies between 0-4 Kg
The Range of Temperature is up to 100c
Distributed Control System Trainer
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