Computer  Hardware Trainer
PC Hardware Trainer
PC Trainer mounted in all open fashion with open drawer for keyboard and mouse and LC Monitor firmly supported on compact aluminum profile flat demo rack. For protection of PC motherboard transparent acrylic cover provided.
Offers comprehensive experiment set up explaining various topologies of LAN viz; Token Ring, Token Bus, Ethernet (CSMA/CD), Modbus etc., Set of Users Guides provided with each unit. Table top setup made using light but sturdy Aluminum profile (4X2) Rack complete with cables, connectors, RS232 to RS485 converter etc.
Wireless LAN Trainer

Wireless Local Area Networking Lab WNL58 using 802.11 a, n protocol radios for point to point, point to multi-point & Mesh Wi-Fi networking. It operates in the 5GHz band and uses Multiple Input Multiple Output MIMO antennas. It uses OFDM & DSSS Modulation Demodulation to reach data rates of up to 200Mbps and establish line of sight link between up to 10Km. etc....

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